Digital Marketing Strategist (Remote)

Remote   |   Internship

Job role: 

As a digital marketing strategist intern, your primary objective will be to down and dirty to understand what digital marketing is all about, as well as the multiple aspects that comes bundled together with digital markering. You’ll be responsible for conceiving, driving and implementing initiatives to increase brand presence and improve product adoption.


  • Learn and manage all aspects of Digital Marketing, including Web Design, SEO, SEM as well as strategies.
  • Set targets and build strategies to help achieve them
  • Create and test ad copy for operational efficiency
  • Create and optimize landing pages to increase signups
  • Develop and implement campaigns to better lead quality and beat the competition
  • Perform data analysis around web traffic and other key metrics
  • Monitor KPIs, and set up mechanisms to measure multiple campaigns across many online channels
  • Draw meaningful conclusions from campaign data and identify potential opportunities for improvement
  • Communicate with team members on campaign developments, timelines, and results


  • Students undergoing Internship programme either in Diploma or Degree level is encouraged to apply.
  • Prefer students from IT, Computer, Graphic Design, Business Communication & Marketing.

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